The Local Impact Measurement Tool

For Money

In a competitive funding environment, more and more funders are looking at the way that applicant’s measure and benchmark their impact. The Local Impact Tool is the perfect platform to enable you to demonstrate to local authorities, stakeholders and other funders, the great local impact that you have. It can give you an edge when applying for tenders, grants and  investment.


For Marketing

The Local Impact Measurement Tool helps to generate the information that will enable you to promote to your customers how using your services directly supports local people, contributes to the local economy and improves the local environment. The free infographics are particularly helpful in giving you a visual way to engage your customers.

For Management

The Local Impact Measurement Tool  can help you identify areas where your organisation might find ways to be more effective as a business, employer and service provider. Each module offers the opportunity to reflect on your results. Making you better at what you do.

More about the tool

The Local Impact Measurement Tool offers a simple and no-nonsense way of quantifying the difference your organisation makes to your community, the local economy and the environment. It does this by comparing your impact data against industry-accepted values, which generates an estimate of the wider financial impact of your work.

The first version of the tool launched in 2011, focused on the difference your ORGANISATION makes to local drivers. There are six updated Organisational modules. The Organisational Modules are based on research across a huge number of Local Area Plans. When the tool was being developed, we recognised that Statutory bodies had key drivers beyond the specific contract or grant being offered.

This research led us to the conclusion that most Local Area Plans have common themes. As the tool was first developed, we focused on the 6 most common themes, recognising that every charity, business and social enterprise contributes in some way to these themes. It was just that we don't have a common way of counting them.

This new version of the tool now includes the difference your organisations makes to the lives of its BENEFICIARIES. This tool has been designed to capture some of the more common impacts that social care, learning, environmental and employment services achieve.

You can find out a lot more about the tool and its module by clicking on the picture to the right!

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